a WIP photo

knitting bagWhat’s in my knitting bag?
Oh, there’s usually no such thing! My projects are lying around half-frogged (as I stick to trial and error type of knitting). I always forget to photograph them, not even as FOs. Well, not this time!
This time I’m going to knit properly: following a pattern, announcing a WIP and… hopefully showing a FO after some time.
I’ve already started. I also hope to knit on a plane.
Airlines do not mind circular bamboo needles, do they?


red sock with green stripesChristmas ornaments in May?
It seemed to be an okay idea for a single sock. Because, you know, I don’t think I can make the second one of anything. But the idea to try knitting a toe-up sock had been haunting me for a while.

I suffer from some unnamed condition : being unable to take pictures at all. As if I can’t remember why, what’s the point. I should probably find the name for it, because it’s chronic. Something-itis, probably. Any ideas?

So this is my 2-step program to get better: make something new (the sock) and take a picture of it to break the spell. Two birds with one stone.

I hope it works, because I’d like to show you Bernard’s nephew in my next post.

A rope basket again: crochet and knitting combined

rope basket full of yellow yarn balls
I already showed you a sturdy rope basket I crocheted.
This time I was going to use the rest of that rope to make another container.

I started with crochet to make the solid bottom of my future basket, working in spirals with single crochet stitches. Then I picked up loops for the knitted part. Well, I must say that knitting with a not-too-flexible rope is not easy.
rope basket photo tutorial

This photo explanation might be somehow useful, I hope. I can’t stand the idea that my blog is utterly useless :)

Yarn planet

variegated yarn ball
Sometimes yarn looks so much better in skeins than in a finished product.
Well, in my case that’s probably due to a poorly chosen pattern.
There was a scarf made with variegated yarn, and it was mostly sitting on a shelf. So I frogged the scarf and tried to crochet what was supposed to be a funky striped beanie. It didn’t work, and after another session of frogging I have this ball.
Maybe I should consider it a finished object.

Bernard’s new business venture

crochet cat hatched an egg
Bernard has ventured into the world of start-ups. He thinks so, anyhow.

I told him that hatching an egg in some sort of an incubator and trying to sell the chicken wouldn’t make it a business incubator (e.g. like those).

He wouldn’t listen to me.

I think I will have to keep him away from my car for now. Just in case he might also look into the idea of a start-up accelerator.

A chicken and crocheting with left hand

I was crocheting a chicken, and it occurred to me that the best way to make two symmetrical wings was to create each one with a different hand. Did I tell you that I enjoy coming up with ideas and, especially, reinventing the wheel?

I tried to crochet with my left hand (which is non-dominant). It was… entertaining. I’d highly recommend doing this before you try to teach kids: I understood deeply that nothing in crochet was natural or obvious.
As I am far from ambidextrous, it took me ages to complete teeny-tiny little piece.

I also attempted to write down the pattern, but my newly acquired ability to follow a doily pattern was clearly not enough. I didn’t know the name for the simplest stitch (“single crochet decrease”, after some guessing and googling). And I have yet to find the names for several joining stitches – so boring! I just “invented” them back when I was a kid, never bothered with names. Anyway, there are probably hundreds of crochet chicken patterns, who needs another one, right?