How to abandon your blog in 3 easy steps

orchidHave you had enough of the blogging hype? Do you find it unworthy of your time?
Are you busy doing other important things?

Here’s a solution for you: abandon blogging, as 95% of other bloggers do.

The best strategy is as follows:
1) Take a hiatus. Pausing for a period from 2 to 7 months will really help clear your thoughts.
2) Create any type of “I’m sorry for not writing” post. Explain the reasons for your silence and get over the feeling of guilt.
3) Stop blogging altogether

Nice and easy, right?

On a side note:
Though this post might seem to be #2 of the list, please do not assume that. I have some hope.

I’ve been more of a reader lately. While trying to switch to another RSS reader I discovered that most of the blogs from my initial reading list were abandoned. The pattern of those 3 steps was so clear.

As numbers are usually somewhat soothing, I googled the abandoned blog idea and found a nice NYTimes article with the 95%.


4 thoughts on “How to abandon your blog in 3 easy steps

  1. I don’t think anything like as many as 95% of the blogs I’ve chosen to follow have been abandoned but don’t feel guilty if you want to spend your time differently. I do find writing my blog takes over an hour each week but then I am still enjoying it.

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