A chicken and crocheting with left hand

I was crocheting a chicken, and it occurred to me that the best way to make two symmetrical wings was to create each one with a different hand. Did I tell you that I enjoy coming up with ideas and, especially, reinventing the wheel?

I tried to crochet with my left hand (which is non-dominant). It was… entertaining. I’d highly recommend doing this before you try to teach kids: I understood deeply that nothing in crochet was natural or obvious.
As I am far from ambidextrous, it took me ages to complete teeny-tiny little piece.

I also attempted to write down the pattern, but my newly acquired ability to follow a doily pattern was clearly not enough. I didn’t know the name for the simplest stitch (“single crochet decrease”, after some guessing and googling). And I have yet to find the names for several joining stitches – so boring! I just “invented” them back when I was a kid, never bothered with names. Anyway, there are probably hundreds of crochet chicken patterns, who needs another one, right?


12 thoughts on “A chicken and crocheting with left hand

  1. Adorable! I prefer knitting to crochet, but this makes me want to get the hooks out. Thanks for sharing this!

    I once tried to teach a friend how to knit and was quickly reminded that what is automatic to me had to be carefully explained and demonstrated. Gave me a real appreciation for just how complicated this “simple” needlecrafts really are!

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