a WIP photo

knitting bagWhat’s in my knitting bag?
Oh, there’s usually no such thing! My projects are lying around half-frogged (as I stick to trial and error type of knitting). I always forget to photograph them, not even as FOs. Well, not this time!
This time I’m going to knit properly: following a pattern, announcing a WIP and… hopefully showing a FO after some time.
I’ve already started. I also hope to knit on a plane.
Airlines do not mind circular bamboo needles, do they?


8 thoughts on “a WIP photo

  1. I suffer from the same problem of not photographing my projects as I go along. Need to be better at that. Regarding knitting on planes – depends where you’re traveling to and from. I go to England to visit family every year and I can carry my knitting with me from the US to England (using bamboo circulars-no metal), but on the return flight English flights won’t allow needles of any kind in the cabin. Bummer. It’s best to check directly with the TSA for the current guidelines.

  2. You cold still stab someone in their neck, I suppose :-) Just kidding, but I have a feeling you could not get these on a plane here. The project looks lovely so far, great yarn, and the bag itself is cute :-)

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