Nice to see you here!

I like to create small new things. Currently it involves crochet and knitting, occasionally some origami and a bit of photography.

I totally prefer pictures to words, so my posts are short (even this one) and have photos (this one does not, but I will look into it).

Posts about Bernard:

Bernard no glasses Bernard knitting Bernard reading crochet cat not well Bernard and chicken

Various photos, like these:
flowers road skyhigh orchid birds

My other crocheted creatures:
angrybirds crochet mouse IMG_3028 elephant mrfrog2

There are also some baking posts with recipes


17 thoughts on “About

  1. My blog is very much a work in progress so it was reassuring to read your comment. I spent till one o’clock last night trying to find the right combination for the front page background and header. This will probably be ongoing…..!!!

  2. hello, thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your big ball of yarn, I just love hand winding balls too, in fact i have just spent this morning winding teeny balls of left over yarn and filling my big candy jar with them.

  3. I love supporting “startups” because I am also a “startup’ I just celebrated one month of blogging. In the beginning it’s slow but like the old chinese saying goes, “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” just make sure you are making at least one step everyday. Your blog has beautiful pictures. I enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for liking my posts!!!

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