a WIP photo

What’s in my knitting bag? Oh, there’s usually no such thing! My projects are lying around half-frogged (as I stick to trial and error type of knitting). I always forget to photograph them, not even as FOs. Well, not this time! This time I’m going to knit properly: following a pattern, announcing a WIP and… […]


Christmas ornaments in May? It seemed to be an okay idea for a single sock. Because, you know, I don’t think I can make the second one of anything. But the idea to try knitting a toe-up sock had been haunting me for a while. I suffer from someĀ unnamed condition : being unable to take […]

Yarn planet

Sometimes yarn looks so much better in skeins than in a finished product. Well, in my case that’s probably due to a poorly chosen pattern. There was a scarf made with variegated yarn, and it was mostly sitting on a shelf. So I frogged the scarf and tried to crochet what was supposed to be […]

Bernard’s new business venture

Bernard has ventured into the world of start-ups. He thinks so, anyhow. I told him that hatching an egg in some sort of an incubator and trying to sell the chicken wouldn’t make it a business incubator (e.g. like those). He wouldn’t listen to me. I think I will have to keep him away from […]