Bernard the Wise Cat

Meet Bernard. He is a wise cat who loves scarves and wears them in style. His youth was full of adventures, hence the colour. Bernard is proudly pear-shaped. He thinks this shape subtly conveys the intellectual nature of his pastime. To tell you the truth, Bernard said these photos of him were done poorly. Actually […]

Procrastination in a productive way: crochet basket

Don’t you like large crochet hooks? They make wonders in minutes. Turns out they also help me procrastinate from knitting! Today I was bored by my learn-to-knit mosaic pattern. So I took some rope and a 10mm crochet hook. A couple of TED-talks after (amazing project!) I was holding a sturdy crocheted basket. It’s big […]

a mouse

Okay, I forgot again to convey the size visually. Maybe next time. Or with the next mouse. I made more than one  trying to write the pattern (failed, all the mice turned out to be slightly different). Well, at least I remembered to try a different background.