a month of crochet

crochet flower and hooks of all sizes
March has somehow become a month of crochet and flowers here in my blog. This WIP photo has both these themes.
Having such a variety of crochet hooks I mostly use the smallest ones.


Vintage crochet doily

At last! I followed a crochet pattern.
I couldn’t do it before: all those rows of “sc, dc, ch, lp, sp” bored me too much. Somehow it was much easier to improvise.
So I gathered enough will power to get past the boredom of patterns.

crochet doily and lego figures

This vintage doily is the result.

I knew it was a success as soon as those Lego figures came to conquer the doily. Sorry, they didn’t agree to let me make a picture without them.

crochet doily and lego minifigures

I used the Blue Bell Doily Pattern without a couple of last rows and 3D embellishments.


How to abandon your blog in 3 easy steps

orchidHave you had enough of the blogging hype? Do you find it unworthy of your time?
Are you busy doing other important things?

Here’s a solution for you: abandon blogging, as 95% of other bloggers do.

The best strategy is as follows:
1) Take a hiatus. Pausing for a period from 2 to 7 months will really help clear your thoughts.
2) Create any type of “I’m sorry for not writing” post. Explain the reasons for your silence and get over the feeling of guilt.
3) Stop blogging altogether

Nice and easy, right?

On a side note:
Though this post might seem to be #2 of the list, please do not assume that. I have some hope.

I’ve been more of a reader lately. While trying to switch to another RSS reader I discovered that most of the blogs from my initial reading list were abandoned. The pattern of those 3 steps was so clear.

As numbers are usually somewhat soothing, I googled the abandoned blog idea and found a nice NYTimes article with the 95%.

Bernard is back

Bernard is back from his vacation. He used lots of sunscreen, so there’s very little sun tanning.
The first thing he asked about was my blog.
Oh no, I thought.
My blog is, you know, somewhat abandoned. But see, Bernard, I have a new yarn and can make a great scarf for you.
How lucky. Bernard has forgotten to reprimand me.
He asked for a photo to see if the colors worked for him. What do you think?

Crochet cat holds a knitting project

Crochet cat and a knitting project

Steamed vegetables and being busy


I tend to switch to healthy eating when I have very little time to cook. It sounds a bit inconsistent, I know.

These steamed veggies are a good example. I just put chopped carrot, cauliflower, green beans and brussels sprouts into my steamer and get back to work.

If some of the veggies are frozen, they require half the time. So I just add them a little later.

The only unobvious ingredient is a pumpkin seed oil: everything tastes better with it.