Bernard’s new business venture

Bernard has ventured into the world of start-ups. He thinks so, anyhow. I told him that hatching an egg in some sort of an incubator and trying to sell the chicken wouldn’t make it a business incubator (e.g. like those). He wouldn’t listen to me. I think I will have to keep him away from […]

Bernard is back

Bernard is back from his vacation. He used lots of sunscreen, so there’s very little sun tanning. The first thing he asked about was my blog. Oh no, I thought. My blog is, you know, somewhat abandoned. But see, Bernard, I have a new yarn and can make a great scarf for you. How lucky. […]

Bernard the Wise Cat

Meet Bernard. He is a wise cat who loves scarves and wears them in style. His youth was full of adventures, hence the colour. Bernard is proudly pear-shaped. He thinks this shape subtly conveys the intellectual nature of his pastime. To tell you the truth, Bernard said these photos of him were done poorly. Actually […]

a mouse

Okay, I forgot again to convey the size visually. Maybe next time. Or with the next mouse. I made more than one  trying to write the pattern (failed, all the mice turned out to be slightly different). Well, at least I remembered to try a different background.